What spring clear out? Time for a spring wardrobe

I have never been the person to have a spring clear out. For some reason, I just can’t seem to bring myself to chuck out my 10 year old tatty sweater. I have tried clearing out.. Promise. Just a clear out for me involves finally chucking out my cousins tee that was two sizes to small… Oops! I wonder why my room is constantly looking like a high street store. And you think this will stop me from filling up my wardrobe even more? Hell no! What comes with a spring clear out? A brand new spring wardrobe! Only problem is pay day is still a week away. *yikes* But being an organised freak can have its benefits.. Just means I can finally use my notepad and pen from Christmas and start making a spring wardrobe wish list. 

This Topshop dress is dreamy in everyway. Despite being in polka dot heaven with this number, it can be versatile for any occasion whether you pair with red converse, Dr Martens or kitten heels, I find it to be grunge feminine at its finest.


Polka dot lace satin slip dress, £39, Topshop


Considering spring is about getting rid of the old, I decide to get rid of my habit of wearing black on black 24/7. Venturing some colour, no matter how big or small, will make a big transformation. Pair with a red lip to make the outfit wow even more. 


Floral jacquard jumpsuit, £49.99, ZARA


I only recently started shopping at & Other Stories and haven’t looked back since. The durability of the clothes is super long lasting, so when I saw this wrap top I knew I couldn’t say no. Animal print is all over the fashion industry recently as a hit trend, so why not bring it into my own wardrobe? Pair with mom jeans and heels for a drinks with the girls look. 

& Other stories

Leopard wrap top, £45, & Other Stories


Be the lady in red with the contrast stitch denim jacket. Venture out of your comfort zone with a brighter colour as it can make your outfit go from a 3/10 to a 10/10.

New Look

Contrast stitch cropped denim jacket, £25.99, New Look


I won’t be holding my breath at the fact sun will be coming soon, and I have no problem with that as it means I can still wear my sweaters. I saw the pom pom detailed knit on ASOS and thought it was such a cute and girly piece perfect for Spring. If you’re extra daring, pick out the colours from the knit and turn the look into a colourful one. 


Chunky pom pom jumper, £28, ASOS


For us girls that don’t like to venture out of the darker colours, it seems like our worst nightmare at the fact we might have to start wearing some colour soon. And with the casual jumpsuit from Nobody’s Child, not only will it hide the bloat from all the alcohol I will be consuming, it will give an athleisure sense to your style. 

Nobodys Child

Black side stripe jumpsuit, £30, Nobody’s Child


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Aimee Songs most stylish moments

The reason you clicked the left key on your mouse was because you are already in ore of Aimee Song. The brains and beauty behind such creative content of blog Song Of Style. This down to earth fashionista is one to have her stiletto footprint marked into influencer. Aimee’s racked in nearly 5 million Instagram followers, who like me, can’t wait to double tap on the heart to see if I can at least mimic her wardrobe into mine (yeah, dream on!).

Were you as thrilled as me when you found out she started a Youtube channel? Despite using the digital platform as a way to help me decide to pick a movie, I use it to give me inspiration for not only trends of the moment but for dream believing. I like to call her a stylish activist (if there is such a title as that).

Of course, her style is her style. Song doesn’t conform to a particular trend or particular colour palette. Check out her blog for goodness sake! Every pattern, colour and fabric you can think of. Narrowing down some of Aimee Song’s most stylish moments was a hard one if that, so let the trend inspiring influencer teach us a thing or two.

Yellow ruffle dress

This look just screamed everything feminine and chic. It made me love yellow even more. Spring, summer, whatever weather that allows us to be able to wear this dress has to come round quicker! Here Aimee is rocking a floral print from brand Majorelle, which was started by Rachel Zeilic. This outfit would look great with an oversized denim jacket and biker boots, or even a blazer sitting on the shoulders for the smarter look.

Yellow ruffle dress


Splash of pink

Pink can be a colour we either love or love to hate. Who else is happy that the small kitten heels are back? I remember being 5 years old and trying on my grandmas heels hoping one day I can pull them off.. I SHOWED YOU GRANDMA! The days of practicing have come to use. The colour of love doesn’t have to be as in your face as you think. Bringing it into your accessories or having small splashes of pink can brighten up your look. Aimee has turned the harsh block colour in a subtle way by wearing her Roger Vivier pink slingbacks. Her feet are the steal of the show…

Splash of pink



Well, I wouldn’t be screaming if I didn’t emphasize on the capital letters now would I… Bohemian has been a guilty pleasure trend of mine. A look where you can grunge up or go all out feminine, and Aimee managed to mix the pair up. The Zimmerman tear dress was paired with a Chloe shearling coat and Gianvito Rossi knee high boots. Zimmerman never fails to find the perfect outfits for Song. Her neutral make up set the tone for a day to night vibe and those Poppy Lissiman sunglasses…. Where can I buy a pair? Or two… Maybe three? I feel like Aimee could be the third Olsen.



To be continued…

The rest of the blog post will be live on Sant magazines website if you would like to read more! If you can’t wait, then keep up to date with Aimee Songs styles through her Instagram @songofstyle and follow me for more @jordy_ellen xx

All Images are photo credited by Song Of Style (of course!!)

Transform to transparency | Transparent accessories

We can no longer have a Mary Poppins bag. A bag where we have receipts from two years ago, old mints and a handful of pennies.

Our spring cleaning days are about to go from our wardrobe to our handbags as our accessories are turning transparent. Yes, you read that right. All over fashion month, we saw multiple fashion influencers pairing their outfits with transparent bags. And I will tell you this much… I won’t be going through my bag. The thought of what is lurking at the bottom of my favourite black leather bag gives me the shivers ha! And I know i’m not the only person in this situation… 

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 18.46.52

And why should we invest in this statement piece? Well derr, if Negin Mirsalehi and Aimee Song are seen wearing then. That we kind of have to. Fashion influencers aside, it is a trend that has took me by surprised. Why would you want to show off whats in your bag? It means taking more time out of the morning to make sure you have your best purse on show. Does this mean I won’t invest in the bag? Course not. I like when you can wear a minimal outfit, but add a statement bag to transform the look. Is this the modern version of a glass slipper or will we see more of the barely there trend?

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 18.47.03

Chanel and Valentino dolled up their runway collections with the talked about accessory of the moment and inspired our accessory collection even more. But this isn’t just about the transparent bag. Transparency has turned to belts, jewellery and even hats. I remember when I was at college and created a transparent shoe. I like to call myself a trend predictor, but I know as much as the grader it didn’t look as good as Chanel. 


Despite us wishing we could walk into Chanel and get ourselves one of these bags, our bank balance would’t agree. Excuse me, where can I sign up for a platinum credit card? To help solve this for you beauties, I have put together some of the sassiest and stylist transparent accessories we can get our hands on without breaking the bank.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Remember… It is okay to take some time out

Being a person that never reveals emotions, writing something that showed the slightest bit of how I feel had me on the edge of my bed. Literally. For us as a society, it seems to get harder and harder to get realisation in our lives, or the slightest bit of confirmation to say we are doing okay.

As soon as we wake up the one thing we do is scroll through Instagram looking at everyones well framed pictures and making it have an impact on your mood for the rest of the day. We read Pinterest quotes of positivity to help us get through our rough patches, when we all know deep down it doesn’t help. The glittery letters doesn’t get us feeling that little bit happier (but nice try Pinterest).

Coming back from London Fashion Week left me in a situation where I was comparing myself to other bloggers, writers and everyone who basically could get over a certain amount of likes on a photo. And since when did our lives revolve around a few likes or who followed who? A girl I followed perfectly pointed out, how our lives shouldn’t have to be based around this. It obviously doesn’t make you truly happy. I decided to take some ME time.. Without having to work 24/7 writing articles, posting pictures and check my emails every 5 minutes. It was a time I reflected on my myself.

I love my life, my work and writing articles for girls all over the world to read, but I had to remind myself that it is okay to take time out. It is okay to not post a photo a couple days out of the week. It is okay to not get 1,000 followers or to get 30+ likes. It is okay to not use a filter or to upload a photo that isn’t edited to perfection. That one photo you see, there are a million unedited blurred ones behind it.

One thing I have started doing recently is writing down one thing I am thankful for and one thing I like about myself. i.e I am thankful for my health and I like my eyebrows. Yes, I have come to terms my Cara Delevingne eyebrows are a main feature of mine. Something as small as this can change the crappiest of moods. So why don’t you give it a go?

Enjoy your day you beautiful people x


Until next year LFW…

As I get the people packed train back Manchester, I check over all the Insta hype of the most talked about shows to the best street style. Of course, I can’t sit here and lie and say it was one of the most boring weeks.. It wasn’t. From flower walls at the Mulberry show to glasses of prosecco being poured at the Wonderland X MTV party.

Where do I start the fashion packed week? It was my first fashion week where I got personally invited, as well as being able to mesmerize the collections. I’ve had my fair share of fashion shows in the past, but that was all the behind the scenes and sweating in places you didn’t think we’re possible as you helped change the leggy models. My favorite shows would of had to be Phoebe English, Mulberry and Nicopanda.


Despite wanting to rant on about the day by day of every girls dreams week, I wanted to talk to you about how to get invited to the fashion shows?! I’d love to say it was as easy as showing up, or paying for a ticket.. But it is all about your connections. Whether you are working for a company, a freelancer or a blogger, when the envelope arrives with the passes in.. You know you’ve made it. Try emailing brands, PR companies, people who run the guest list and write a statement in which they won’t be able to say no to.

I thought running from show to show would be the most stressful part of the week, but it was the outfit planning that got me. Leaving things to last minute and not even trying anything on beforehand, I had to go with my instincts on this one. From picking my marshmallow pink jumper and hole imprinted jeans to an all white classic look, I had to make sure I was ready for a street style snapshot (just in case). I loved seeing the range of different styles, but one style that stood out from them all was the return of the ugly trainers. Influencers were pairing the bizarre trend with two piece suits to dresses.. But is it bad that I want to get them out from the back of my wardrobe and start wearing them as well?


As I walked towards the Mulberry show, I was greeted to a wall that screamed femininity with a a feature of flower bouquets. Of course, the show was as great as expected. Mixing the wackiest colors and making them stylish, it will get me to venture out of the color black.. (BLACK IS A COLOUR!!) But their to-die-for bags were ones that will be on my wish list. Phoebe English started off the fashion week for me with an exhibition that I would happily live over again with pieces that make versatile interesting. The monochrome colours of black, white and grey, proved to us we don’t have to be bright to make a difference to the streets. The three S’s – silhouette, simple and stylish – described the collection well. Of course, Nicopanda at the Topshop Show Space, got the rest of the high street talking with the most dated pieces that despite being bold and sassy, were ones we could each wear and add our own style to. Nicopanda has always been a classic favorite of mine and still lingers that way.





But what did I learn from the show packed week? 1. Always carry a charger with you (I learnt this one the hard way). 2. As much as this week you want to dress 13/10 and wear your favourite wardrobe pieces, make sure you wear something practical, if not.. Pack plasters. My feet are still recovering today. 3. Mingle! Don’t be afraid to walk up to someone and make a conversation. You’ve gotten the chance to be in a room full of all of these creative people in the fashion industry, so don’t let this experience slide away. 4. Have fun! If someone invites you to an after party, then go to it! You don’t know whose path you are going to cross when you’re there.
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Orange is the new black

We all need a dose of Vitamin C… Whether we get it from our citrus fruits or choose to have it from our pumpkin spice inspired clothes. Of course, we prefer to get it from our the two doors we call our wardrobes. Whilst we let the food bloggers talk about the vitamins that go into our body, I want to talk about the orange hues we wear on our body. Fenty Puma, Jeremy Scott and Tom Ford were to name a few designers to have the orange colour palette seep through their SS18 collections, from bloody to pastel. Let’s start to mourn the colour black and bring to life the energetic colour of them all, orange. 

Jeremy Scott

Despite the thought of pumpkin spice reminding us of the festive drink at Starbucks, we are about to start letting it remind us of some of fashions SS18 collections. Rihanna’s athleisure inspired style has got her collections roaring with a pop of colour with head to the talked about head to toe colour. Tom Ford showcased a safety orange drenched tracksuit that will look great in all of our wardrobes..

Fenty Puma

Towards the end of 2017, we saw pops of orange peer into some styles. But it was never thought about becoming a trend itself. I love the fact trends are getting brighter, despite having to reinvent my wardrobe full of black. But we can all deal with a little change.. Can’t we? Of course, how can we go from minimal classics to all of a sudden a colour as bright as our cocktails on Saturday night? Working the colour orange into our wardrobes doesn’t mean we have to transform so fast. Try brining in subtle hints of the colour and gradually get bolder the more your outfit confidence grows. The best thing about orange is it works well with neutrals. Think creams, greys, whites and also navy blue. 


Check out the shopping links below for the high street orange picks. 

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Black is SO last season and there is no complaining about this sort of Vitamin C in our lives.. 

Let me know how you feel about Orange and if you will be wearing the bold colour this season. Follow me on Instagram @jordy_ellen for more xx

Can you look good in an anorak? Erm, YES!

It is time to put our leather jackets to the back of our wardrobes, as according to Vogue Anoraks are the new leather jacket. And with the weather at the moment, we can never predict what the day will be like. Come rain or snow (or if we are lucky, then sun), we need to be fashionably prepared. Despite how many times our mum would tell us to ‘wrap up warm’ or ‘it is best to be comfortable, not fashionable’ bla bla bla.. IT IS ABOUT FASHION MUM!

Street style 2

Of course, when an anorak comes to mind, i use to see it as a flimsy bright yellow thing that you got folded up and given to at the water rides at Alton Towers. But putting that myth in the past, the high street have given us a helping hand into being practical and fashionable. Valentino, Gucci and Balenciaga had us crying with envy as we couldn’t afford the stunning Burberry semi-transparent anorak. But we know our bank and even overdraft couldn’t cover, at a wedge of £995. However, our mums would be so proud. Get your hands on some of the anorak pieces, from the classic to the unusual.

Burberry anorak

The athleisure trend has gotten us to fall in love with all things practical, without having to walk around wearing layers of hand-me-down sweaters from your brother. SS18 has made the anorak one of the coolest garments of Spring so far. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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