Orange is the new black

We all need a dose of Vitamin C… Whether we get it from our citrus fruits or choose to have it from our pumpkin spice inspired clothes. Of course, we prefer to get it from our the two doors we call our wardrobes. Whilst we let the food bloggers talk about the vitamins that go into our body, I want to talk about the orange hues we wear on our body. Fenty Puma, Jeremy Scott and Tom Ford were to name a few designers to have the orange colour palette seep through their SS18 collections, from bloody to pastel. Let’s start to mourn the colour black and bring to life the energetic colour of them all, orange. 

Jeremy Scott

Despite the thought of pumpkin spice reminding us of the festive drink at Starbucks, we are about to start letting it remind us of some of fashions SS18 collections. Rihanna’s athleisure inspired style has got her collections roaring with a pop of colour with head to the talked about head to toe colour. Tom Ford showcased a safety orange drenched tracksuit that will look great in all of our wardrobes..

Fenty Puma

Towards the end of 2017, we saw pops of orange peer into some styles. But it was never thought about becoming a trend itself. I love the fact trends are getting brighter, despite having to reinvent my wardrobe full of black. But we can all deal with a little change.. Can’t we? Of course, how can we go from minimal classics to all of a sudden a colour as bright as our cocktails on Saturday night? Working the colour orange into our wardrobes doesn’t mean we have to transform so fast. Try brining in subtle hints of the colour and gradually get bolder the more your outfit confidence grows. The best thing about orange is it works well with neutrals. Think creams, greys, whites and also navy blue. 


Check out the shopping links below for the high street orange picks. 

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Black is SO last season and there is no complaining about this sort of Vitamin C in our lives.. 

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Can you look good in an anorak? Erm, YES!

It is time to put our leather jackets to the back of our wardrobes, as according to Vogue Anoraks are the new leather jacket. And with the weather at the moment, we can never predict what the day will be like. Come rain or snow (or if we are lucky, then sun), we need to be fashionably prepared. Despite how many times our mum would tell us to ‘wrap up warm’ or ‘it is best to be comfortable, not fashionable’ bla bla bla.. IT IS ABOUT FASHION MUM!

Street style 2

Of course, when an anorak comes to mind, i use to see it as a flimsy bright yellow thing that you got folded up and given to at the water rides at Alton Towers. But putting that myth in the past, the high street have given us a helping hand into being practical and fashionable. Valentino, Gucci and Balenciaga had us crying with envy as we couldn’t afford the stunning Burberry semi-transparent anorak. But we know our bank and even overdraft couldn’t cover, at a wedge of £995. However, our mums would be so proud. Get your hands on some of the anorak pieces, from the classic to the unusual.

Burberry anorak

The athleisure trend has gotten us to fall in love with all things practical, without having to walk around wearing layers of hand-me-down sweaters from your brother. SS18 has made the anorak one of the coolest garments of Spring so far. 

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Let’s take a trip down rodeo drive in Western style

A cowboy hat and a rodeo bull come to mind when anyone mentions the Western style, but recently fashion designers have been inspired by this yee-ha of a style for their collections. Designers such as Tom Ford, Calvin Klein and Celine have been few of many using a mix of sharply-tailored full denim looks and embroidered shirts. Time to put the flannel shirts to the back of the wardrobe, forget what was considered as a rougher approach, and bring in the style with a modern touch.  This season add your own touch to a classic style with buckled belts and pointed boots that are bound to get you strutting your stuff down the high street.

Celine SS18

Celine SS18


Calvin Klein SS18

Calvin Klein SS18


The wild west is a time we would all love to be a part of, and especially with this seasons western heritage trend, we can put the sophisticated back into our wardrobes with a twist.

Street style shot 3

The best way to incorporate this style into your own wardrobe, is by bringing in some key items. Any excuse to treat ourselves… Am i right? From fringe jackets, to midi skirt and all the accessories you can think of. Keep it chic and you will setting a trend everyone would love to wear.

Check out some of the best western inspired pieces from the high street.

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  • Arizona western boots, £65, Topshop
  • Fringe ditsy shirt, £30, ASOS
  • Tie belt denim shirt, £49.99, H&M
  • Western belt, £7, Miss Selfridge
  • Jacquard fringe coat, £29.99, ZARA

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Jumpers speak louder than words

It is that time of year where you don’t know what stunt the weather is going to pull. Will it rain or shine? WHO KNOWS?! One thing I know and can reassure you on, is jumpers are key for this sort of back and forth polava. Forget the oversized mens jumper you bought 5 years ago, or the jumper your nan knitted you with the itchy yarn… It is all about the slogan jumpers. Last year we saw the likes of designers promoting world matters into their basic white tees and models strutting the high street in quotes they never said out loud on vests. But with one of my number one guilty fashion pleasures that is the jumper, we can let the words do the talking, whilst we do the walking. Putting together only the best of the best slogan jumpers, you can get your hands on from the high street.

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream fashion

There is something about this colour trend that is making me want a mint choc chip ice cream… Spring is usually associated with florals and girly prints, but for SS18 it is all about the ice cream pastel hues.

Michael Kors

Tom Ford

From Michael Kors parma violet two piece suit to Tom Ford’s strawberry starburst dress (despite it making me hungry) the hues are ones to be in our wardrobes. But imagine, opening your wardrobe doors and seeing every pastel item in sight. The sweet shop feel will get you to push your boundaries on the duller colours.  

Street style 1

The trend doesn’t have to relate to the girly girl in us all. The colour palette is great for whether you are a workaholic at a desk or a sporty girl always on the go, there are easy ways to make pastels work for you. It is a great colour trend to start off the year with; having a mix of softer shades with more muted tones. The gentle colours can add a delicate touch to your outfit.

Check out this trend on the high street, from some of my favourite high street stores.


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Check out this trend on the high street, from some of my favourite high street stores. Follow me on Instagram @jordy_ellen for more xx

Once you go bright, you don’t go back

Are you an “I wear color only in the summer” or “I don’t wear anything other than black” sort of person? Despite the temptation to want to drown yourself in colourless clothes, there is a habit we need to get out of. I know the feeling…you don’t want to walk around looking like a packet of Starburst, but with the want of summer to come round quicker, we may as well get in the brighter mood. Brighter colours are a trend to watch out for and narrowing down to only the best of the best bright pieces for you, will get you to realise you can splash out on a brighter colour to make your style pop more.



Stripe tuck top, £36, Topshop


Tassel earrings, £12.99, Mango


Suede mini backpack, £30, ASOS


Ribbed mock dress, £25, Urban Outfitters


Cashmere jumper, £79.99, H&M

River Island

Green boucle coat, £85, River Island

Free People

Boot crop, £78, Free People

Public Desire

Metal ring ankle boots, £39.99, Public Desire

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Ready to go fur-less? Michael Kors has ditched his fur and gone fur-free

Is anyone else as happy as I am about this news? As well as the likes of Gucci and Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors is the latest to announce he is ditching the fur and going faux fur instead. The American fashion house, that is usually known for his accessories, will bring a no fur policy to his brand which will come effective as of 2018. And what a great way to start a new year…

Catwalk image 1

Photo credit | Getty

When watching Kors fashion shows, he usually has models draped in luxurious fur coats, but he is now joining a number of fashion companies that have come under the pressure of animal rights activists and consumer tastes. But what does this mean for the brand? Will leather be the next material to banish from the collections? Chairman and chief executive of Michael Kors’ John D. Idol stated “This decision marks a new chapter as our company continues to evolve its use of innovative materials”. Continuing on from this, Michael Kors himself went onto saying “Due to technological advances in fabrications, we now have the ability to create a luxe aesthetic using non-animal fur. We will showcase these new techniques in our upcoming runway show in February.”

Catwalk image 2

Photo credit | Getty

The list of fashion houses joining on with the pledge to drop fur from their collections is endless. As previously mentioned, luxury high end brand Gucci took the plunge in October this year. Brands such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Armani, which are all fur-free. Retailers including Selfridges and Yoox-Net-a-Porter also do not sell fur items. Can we get a hell-to-the-yeah for this? What an impact this has made in the fashion world today, from where it once use to be. As long of a list that may seem of designers, you would have thought that would be a huge improvement on the cruelty of animals? Spokesperson for Fur Information Council of America, Keith Kaplan told Business Of Fashion “Nearly 70 percent of major designers included fur in their Autumn/Winter 2017 collections.” So how many more designers will join onto the bandwagon and help the stop of animal cruelty in the fashion industry?

Fur use to be the fabric that was all over catwalk collections for designers pre-fall and Autumn/Winter shows, but with new techniques in fur processing and production, this will soon be a change. Sustainable products is a matter in fashion, that designers and consumers recognise and are interested in, with the costs of mass-produced fast fashion changing.

Carrie Bagshaw fur coat

“Killing animals for fur is archaic and inhumane,” said Wayne Pacelle, president and chief executive of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)

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