Start of a new chapter

When you think of starting a new chapter, this maybe because of a bad experience or a realisation of where your life is heading.. I’m still stuck of which one of those categories I fall under.

Currently sitting in CoffeeBean debating where to go forward in my life like I’m having some sort of midlife crisis.. Jeez I’m only 21.

Recently graduated from Univeristy and seeing people around you get jobs and internships and youre still debating whether to put on jeans instead of those pyjama bottoms you’ve been wearing for 4 days in a row..

I see myself in a fashion related career and I’m hoping to pursue that considering I’m in goodness knows how much debt from all the university fees. And they say go to university.. The thing about getting into the fashion industry is that you don’t need a degree at the end of it, and this is what I’ve learnt from finishing my degree. Could of learnt that before spending so much money on studios and models..

As I’m drinking my ice tea – EXTREME coffee hater.. Don’t know where I get my energy to function – I look around at everyone in their own worlds and worrying about their own lives, has made me realise you don’t have to set your self a time frame for what you want to do in your life. Go to school till you’re 16, college/sixth form till you’re 18, then univeristy then get a job and bla bla.. Take your own time in your own life.

How I plan to start my new chapter is just going for it and jumping at what you’ve dreamt about doing. I’ve decided to move LA to do what I’ve wanted to peruse for so long.

Wish me luck!





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