Nude sweater craze 

Weather in LA at the moment is reminding me of back in England. Don’t get me wrong, LA rain is the best rain… But where’s the sun sun sun?! Trying not to complain, especially as I get to go back in my closet and fish out my sweaters. Anyone that knows me, knows I have a very simple colour palette.. So it’s either black and white or any colour that’s muted like greys and creams. Nude is my go to colour at the moment! 

When packed to come LA, I had in mind it would be hot so didn’t have any intention of wearing sweaters. So while I’m here, I wanted to invest in some nice pieces that are multifunctional. 

My go to place to shop is an online brand called Missguided. I got a nude cut out sweater, that is cut at the chest and could be paired with anything from a black leather mini to high waisted pants. This is my outfit when I want a casual look or when I’m on the go, may this be in the car or travelling back home to England and for only $25 (£20.43).

My second sweater I brought was a lilac shade of grey. I buy things oversized, as that’s always been by look. When you look in my closet, there’s different sizes, no size is the same. I think when a sweater is oversized, it looks even more amazing when you add a belt to clinch in at the waist. This sweater was from Cotton On in the sale for $15 (£12.26), so it made me want to purchase it even more!!

Jordy xx

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