Navy is the new black

I have every shade of black and everything in black. If have a white tee, then I have a black one just in case. Because everything goes with black, right? 

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong in black. Black is my go-to colour when I’m feeling frumpy or when I have a day where I can’t be bothered to piece together an outfit. Everyone has those days, especially when black is considered a “slimming colour” but I fount that’s not the case. 

I purchased a pair of pants online, for casual around the house or for running errands, and decided to opt for a navy pair because of course, all the black had sold out. They’re now the pants I always wear. They’re so comfy, as they feel like silky pyjama pants. I love how they clinch in at the waist, and emphasise the body with the ruffled waistband. 

I purchased them from Missguided (click on the link for pants) and they cost me £28/$34. Such a good buy, especially because they will last a while and I even used a 20% discount code on top of that, because who doesn’t want clothes for cheaper when they can.

This season a lot of nightwear is coming back in for outerwear, so this may be a nightshirt over a tee or a buttoned down shirt, but who would complain when it’s comfy?

Navy is now my go to colour, when I want to keep it on the darker palette, but want to change it up a bit. Navy is the new black!

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