Sneakers and socks 

When i hear sneakers and socks, it reminds me of school when I would wear my school uniform of a jumper and skirt then knew high socks and sneakers.. Could you make it anymore obvious I was wearing socks with my sneakers?

Then when I went to college I prevented that happening again and would only wear trainer socks. The amount of black and white (now grey) trainer socks I have. 

With getting  bored of this look and wearing such a simple outfit, I wanted to bring some sort of accessories into the outfit to style it up more and have depth in the outfit. I went online shopping to get some more socks and saw loads of reduced patterned socks. From stripes to fish net. For next to nothing prices, decided to give it a go and experiment and I haven’t looked back on this style. When you wear an outfit, there can be something missing that is needed to complete it. The fishnet pair were from ASOS and the spotty pair were from Forever 21, both super cute pairs that are versatile.

You can get different patterns to different colours and mix it up. It’s a grunge style that can be mixe with another to create a unique style. Sneakers and socks are making a come back this season! 

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