Bali Body 

If you haven’t heard of Bali Body, then you have been living under a rock. This tanning oil craze has been platformed all over Instagram

When I first heard of Bali Body tanning oil, I rolled my eyes and thought – Another waste of money. But boy, was I wrong. How a small company has turned into a every woman’s must have, is purely down to the natural ingredients. 

Have ezecma? Doesn’t infect it. Dry skin? Mouitursies it. This is perfect as is filled with so many nutrients and good benefits for your skin. When I think of tanning oil, I think of this greasy brown oil, that gets over everything and runs off. Well, this isn’t the case. The oil doesn’t run, or it has no colour. It brings your natural colour and helps develop your tan to the max, because of the natural ingredients. 

They vary different products for what suits your needs. I’ve tried all of the products and I’ve narrowed down my favourite two. 

The natural tanning body oil in the golden bottle is my go to. It’s always in my bag and smells amazing. Smells of coconut oil, which lingers on your skin all day. Coconut oil has been an ingredient you can use at home which helps nourishe your body and smoothes your skin. When the sun is out, I like to put this on to help with the colour of my skin and I know it is staying hydrating as it can get easily dehydrated when you’re in the sun. I always recommend to put on suncream before you use this as this doesn’t protect you from the sun. 

My second favourite is the natural moisturising sunscreen in the pale blue bottle. This gives me my coverage from the sun when I don’t know what my day entailes. I want to look after my skin, and being in California, it’s never not sunny. So when it looks cloudy, but I know it’s going to give sun later, will put this on before my tanning oil so I know I at least I have put on some coverage to protect my skin from the sun. I must tell you that that this is SPF15, so if this isn’t right for your skin or if you’re pale and you’re skin is not use to the sun then recommend going for a higher SPF sunscreen. 

For $22 (£19) it’s honestly worth it. Lasts you ages as you don’t need a lot on. Treat yourself and get yourself that tan you’ve always been longing for. 


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