Frills, flares and flirty | OOTD

Recently went on a a little shopping spree, and when I say shopping spree I mean lying in bed till midnight online shopping.. I ordered some new pieces of clothing that I needed to have in my closet. 

I love black, white and grey.. But that can be sometimes boring and you need to get some colour in, even if it’s in small doses. 

I recommend to anyone to go to Missguided!! Such bargains and that’s where I got my lilac drawstring high waisted pants. Perfect for something both casual and dressy, with a tee or crop. I love the frilled waistband as it exenchuates the waist more. Couldn’t find the pair online as they’ve sold out, but the colour lilac is a must have. So check out there lilac range! Lilac is such a beautiful colour for a splash in your wardrobe! 

Forever 21 is another one of my go to shops! And if you know me and how much I love my sweaters and jumpers, then of course I had to purchase my flared sleeve crop knitted jumper. I like the mustard brown knit, as it’s cute for a casual bohemian look. If your style is boho and relaxed, then this is the perfect piece for your wardrobe. Pair with DIY jeans or a leather skirt!! It’s multifunctional for a style to adapt to you. 

H&M is the ideal place to shop at! They have such versatile, simple pieces that are multifunctional for anyone. And best thing is they’re a bargain! I purchaed a ivory high neck shirt, then died for when I saw the sleeve detail. The frills along the sleeve just added the perfect detail. It completed the shirt and is now my go to shirt which can be dressed down or dressed up! The best thing about this piece was the fact it was $9.99! That’s a ten dollars I’d happily spend and now it went to something I would wear a lot of! If recommend going to the stores themselves as they don’t have the product live online yet. 

All three of these are something you should need in your wardrobe and I’m all for multifunctional pieces of clothing, as you know they will be worn in different ways. Go shopping and treat yourself on a stylish budget!


One thought on “Frills, flares and flirty | OOTD

  1. Chypimprose says:

    This was such a cute post and I’m totally with you on misguided I love that site! Also this is such a fun read?!Maybe you can take a look at my blog and I’d be happy to exchange lights on post we actually like in a follow


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