Upper-layering for a casual look 

Layering doesn’t necessarily mean wrap up warm for winter, or looking for a way to keep warm. I’m in Cali, and at the moment there’s no sign of winter anywhere and usually around this season , I like to go for the layering trend. 

I’ve put together two of my favourite layering mixes together to show you guys!! 

Because it’s winter I like to stick to warmer and darker colours than I would do in summer, however I’ve tried to venture out with colours and bring small doses of colour where I can.. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I always feel happier when wearing colour. 

When going casual it can looked repeated or boring, so I decided to pair up a plain white tee from H&M with a mustard green string strap vest. What I loved about the vest was the imprint of rib lining all the way around the body and the slight embellishment of glitter in the fabric. It brings a girly edge to my casual look. I purchased the vest from Primark back in England for next to nothing of a price. It’s so easy to repeat this look with any vests and tees you have in your wardrobe.

My second outfit choice was a risk for me, as don’t like florals or pinks usually but there was something I just loved about this. Wish I could link in the vest for you to purchase yourselves but I unfortunately got it from a second hand thrift store. This is me telling you to go to a thrift store and go pick up loads of cheap vests to mimic your own version of this look. This was a feminine look for me as I paired it with white high waisted shorts, as I wanted to keep a muted tone to the outfit and let the vest be the main focus of attraction. 

This post is all about mixing!! Mixing up what you have in your wardrobe to layer it all up. If you have a stain on your tee but it’s your favourite go-to number, then pair it with a vest over the top so you don’t have to chuck it out. If there’s an extravagant vest that you’re not comfortable with wearing, put a tee underneath it to calm down your cool. 

It’s in your guys hands to create your upper layering looks! I trust you to look amazing! 


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