Bali Body 

You’re probably thinking – Oh god, not another Bali Body post.. Well whenever I receive a product from Bali Body, it’s only right to share my opinion to you guys. 

This time I treated myself to the Cocoa tanning oil. I’ve always been curious to try this because I’ve heard it doesn’t have a transparent substance. The oil has a slight brown tint to it. So I was worrying about if I wake up would it get on my sheets, or I can’t wear white or the tanning oil would rub off. So many negative views as to why I wouldn’t purchase this. For being a valuable customer they send you various offers through email and mine was if you purchase a tanning oil you get another one free. BARGAIN!! 

I tried this as wanted to use something to help darken my tan when I go to Hawaii for holiday. Gave it a go and it is complete opposite to what I thought. The colour doesn’t run. Would recommend however waiting for it to dry after you’ve put it on, but other than that the consistency is the same as the others just helps improve that tan. 

Treat yourself over this holiday season and prolong that tan. Check out their Instagram page for indulging images of Bali Body fanatics like me.


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