Cheap copycat | Bella Hadid | Red Tracksuit 

The name Bella Hadid says it all. 

Her style is something I admire and okay, she’s Bella Hadid.. She can pull anything off right? Yes. Yes she can. But so can you. You’re probably laughing and questioning her style as she can afford it and you’re close to selling possessions to try to save money together to treat yourself? Especially after spending loads at Black Friday sales. Guilty as charged!! 

On Monday I’m going on a short break before Christmas and whenever I travel I love to be comfy. But being comfy doesn’t mean you can’t look on point.

Bella Hadid in the red Adidas tracksuit, I like to call Jetlag style. So whenever I know I’m, going to be travelling a lot, I look for something comfy chic. But let’s be honest.. I can’t afford that look. So I’ve pulled together some pieces to pull off to get the similar look. I look at Bella and I’m like how can she pull it off and not look like she’s just woken up and couldn’t be bothered to change? For us all it’s the opposite. 

Missguided had a similar option which I recently purchased. They’re the red tracksuit bottoms with a black and white stripe at the side. The stripe at the side breaks up the boldness of the red and gives it the more comfy look. 

Now is when the style comes into your hands. You can pair it with a matching cropped hoodie, white/black cropped top or if you want to venture out of the slouchy look then pair with a white shirt and choker to give it edge. Will link below all the different looks you could make and get your hands on! Don’t be afraid to add different elements of style to his laid back look. All depending on what you want to go for. 

Red tracksuit bottoms £20/$25 from Missguided | Red crop sweater hoodie £30/$39 from Urban Outfitters | White knot crop £6/$7.50 from Missguided | Black sports bra £6/$7.50 from Forever21 | White shirt £29/$37 from ASOS – Can get cheaper depending on how you like the cut of your shirts – and Choker £8/$10 

Who said you couldn’t get an expensive outfit for cheap?! 


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