Bloated blues 

I know I’m not the only one that gets bloated. It’s a stupid thing that we all wish didn’t happen to us. We get down because we’ve eaten one too many cookies, or we’ve eaten all the raw cookie dough before even giving the cookies a chance to cook.. Oops. Now with Christmas right around the corner, you want to stick to sweats or your comfy expandable clothes because you know you’re going to look bloated with the amount of food you’re about to consume. Guilty!! And I know I’m not going to stick to the veggie sticks, when there’s cake right next to it.

So I’ve looked online and put together some stylish outfits for you to wear over Christmas when you have those “bloated blues”. And no. They’re not just sweaters and leggings – As much of a guilty pleasure they are. 

I’m going to start off with the simple yet eye catching look for you minimal girls out there, including me. A plain white tee is the perfect place to start. But this one is all about the accessories. Just make sure not to get gravy down your tee.. You can get a cheap white tee from anywhere but I’ve always like the ones from Missguided because they’re oversized. The white boyfriend tee is just £8/$10.13. Pair this with the thin leopard print neck scarf from Forever 21. This makes any simple outfit a step cooler. Feel that these neck scarves are soon going to replace the choker. This is just £4.66/$5.90! Top this look off with some black high waisted jeans. I’m all for high waisted pants or jeans because it helps lock it the Christmas belly. Feel free to mix it up with flares or pants instead. These were from Missguided at £25/$31.66. And to finish off this look, pair it with a black hat. Found this in the sale, so grab yourself one before it goes! This hat is from Forever 21 for just £5.88/$7.45. 

Next up is for the more comfy grunge chick. I’ve paired together an oversized sweater with a biker leather skirt. Of course add an oversized sweater to your preference. Add loads of rings for a super cute look. Keeping a feminine look in mind, I found a frilled rim sweater. Super lightweight and the frill gives you the added fabric to hide that bloat. Found it from ASOS at £42.64/$54. Pairing this with a leather buckle skirt to wear underneath the sweater. This is from my favourite online store Missguided for £25/$31.66. And of course the accessories is what brings the outfit together. Mix and match up, the more rings the better. Got a bunch for cheap from H&M for £5.50/$6.99. They have a mix of rose, gold and silver, with a simple cute detail. If you’re more into gold than silver, then the pack from Urban Outfitters for £14.20/$18. 

Lastly my favourite look. Super comfy, pyjama feel and don’t have to worry about any lumps and bumps showing. I’m not usually a fan of this colour, but it’s super cute to wear. You can get more colours like grey and black if you’re more of a minimalist when it comes to colours. I’d pair this with a black rucksack and a pair of white shoes of your choice. The sweater dress is from ASOS by the brand STYLENANDA for £65/$82. Pairing this with a black rucksack from Target for £23.68/$29.99. I love shoes but I never trust myself with expensive ones, especially in white. Got a cheap pair of platform sneakers from Missguided  for £25/$31.66. Socks are a preference, as some people like then fishnet socks showing so will link these. 

Hope you liked the bloated blues looks. Will do one of these blog posts once a week mixing up the looks before Christmas. 

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