Bargain Buys | Outfits for under £50 

It’s at the time of the year when loads of events are about to take place.. May this be at the comfort of your own home with friends and family, or a works do. The dreaded thought of “What am I going to wear?” when you can’t wear the same LBD you have done for the past couple of years. 

Something we can all relate to is not wanting to spend loads of money on an outfit we will only wear once. So I’ve managed to put together some must have deals for a WHOLE outfit that you can buy under budget. Yes you heard that right.. Not just the dress or the pants, the shoes and jewellery as well.. AND it gets better than that. Outfits that are versatile. Wear more than once and get away with it, without it looking repetitive and boring. 

Let’s get started..

1. Brunch with friends | I’ve always liked the idea of saying “Oooh just going to have brunch with some friends”. What comes to mind is eggs, avocado and salmon and a photo worthy Instagram plate. But of course, you have to look stylish and photo ready for that catch up. Went for a feminine meets casual look, opting for a charcoal grey silk dress. Found this from Pretty Little Thing for £28/$35. Pairing this with some black creeper pumps for only £10/$12.60, again from Pretty Little Thing. Of course, with an outfit it’s always good to accessorie.. Am I right? For accessories I pieced together a simple black cross over bag from ASOS, on sale for £4.70/$6.00 and a set of four silver rings from H&M for just £4.70/$6.00. Just covers the budget! You can always add and mix up pieces you already have in your closet remember depending on your style! 

2. Family get together | When I get together with my family I like to keep it more on the comfy/relaxed style. Mainly because I love just watching old movies with them over a few glasses of wine and some decent food. But what if a hot postman comes to the door and you’re there stood in your stained sweater? Let’s sort that out for you! A striped top usually shouts out unflattering, but that’s depending on the direction of the stripes. Found this cute long sleeved stripe top from ASOS by the brand Daisy Street for £18.90/$24.00. Pairing this with some black peg leg trousers from ASOS again by the brand Vera Moda for £17.77/$22.55. WHAT ABOUT SHOES? Missguided have sorted us out with some white pumps for £12.50/15.80. Altogether this cost £49.17/$61.50. 

3. Meeting with the in laws | The dreaded day approaches when you have to meet your partners family. You don’t want to look like you’ve spent the past week about thinking of what to wear – when you actually have.. Dress up or dress down? Casual or smart? AHH THE OPTIONS!! Let me help you with this one. For this I’m going to keep it safe and go with black (What a surprise Jordan). Piecing together some black cropped tailored pants from ASOS £18/$22.50, with a detailed black chiffon shirt. This shirt is from Missguided, with the price of £22.00/$27.00. With another find from Missguided, finishing off with a black fedora hat for £10.00/$12.50. Total of this look is £50/$62! Depending if you want to go casual or more dressy, pair with your own flats or heels. 

4. Bump into the ex | You always want to dress like you’re going to bump into your ex I’d say. Make them be like “DAYMNN”. That’s our wanted impression. Print is key in this one! I’ve picked some striking pieces. First of all leopard wide leg pants.. Yes you heard that right! Missguided for £30/$37.60. Pairing these with a grunge tshirt from BooHoo for £12/$15. To complete this, chuck on some black sneakers. Found some in the Missguided sale for £7.50/$9.40. Value of this look is just under £50, coming to £49.50/$62.00! Add on a statement necklace if you want to be more head turning. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed these outfits for under budget!! They can be worn and worn again as they’re versatile, so jump out of the box and pair some of your own things with these key pieces. 

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