Christmas Closet 

Christmas is not far away now and as much as we want to dive into all the candy and cookies we can get our hands onto, theres a Christmas party to attend. May this be to a works event or just a catch up with some loved ones back home. I never usually go out around Christmas time, purely because I prefer having a hot chocolate with extra marshmallows and getting comfy underneath a blanket, rather than having a night out that you would end up regretting. But this time I promised my best girl friend I would. So let’s get together some outfit options perfect for a Christmas night out. 

1. Works do | I love this holiday wine colour. So beautiful against any complexion. The cut on the top part of this jumpsuit gives a relaxed look, especially with the ties around the arm. This look would be ideal for a work Christmas party when you want to impress your employees or to get that cheeky Christmas bonus. I would however recommend this for a taller person rather than a short, just because of how long the legs are. But if you’re comfortable in a longer heel for your stilettos, then go ahead! Found this jumpsuit of my number 1 favourite website Missguided for £35/$43.70. A simple stiletto would be ideal, so paired this look with a pair of black stilettos from Forever21 for £13.90/$17.30! Who says you can’t get an outfit for under budget.. Whether you want to dress it up or down, jewellery can change a look. A rhinestone necklace for next to nothing price of £7.10/$8.90 from Forever21, as well from this store a pack of velvet rings. Sounds bizarre but adds a great textured look to your outfit for £3.90/$4.90! 

2. Casual | Some people prefer to go to the pub for a few instead of being glam with some glasses of prosecco, and I know I’m one of them. But why differentiate the two of them and glamorise up your casual outfit? For the Christmas vibe, I found a lightly glitter toned vest dress. This is the main element of the outfit! From Urban Outfitters for £18/22.40. Pairing this with a pair of black mom jeans from Pull&Bear for £31.20/$39. Create such shape towards a woman’s body. Adding a white tie knot crop top for £6/$7.49 from Missguided. To add an extra bit of glam to the outfit, complete the look with some black stiletto heels for £16.70/$20.90! The silver cuff is a nice stocking filler for £5/$6.24. 

3. Formal | Sometimes you won’t need to dress formal, but theres always a “just in case” thought that comes to mind. Is it colour? Common, it’s me… Full black of course. I decided to put together some pieces to not only create a two piece look but to create a versatile outfit, that you can then go on to pair with whatever else. Both the top and skirt are from Missguided. The black ruffle crop top cost me £20/$24.90 and the skirt cost me £28/$34.90! Just something so simple yet elegant for that xmas formal occasion. Don’t be afraid to mix up the frills! Back with the stilettos, as they can make or break an outfit for, H&M for £24/$29.99. 

Remember it’s Christmas, add as much jewellery as you want!! And just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you have to stick to the associated colours red and green. Enjoy your Christmas parties ladies! 

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