Online stores | Peppermayo, Nasty Gal and Never Fully Dressed

When it comes to shopping, I’m one of the laziest most impatient people; which is why I prefer online shopping. Why bother going in store to end up feeling fed up because you’ve spent most of your day standing in line, when you can shop online in the comfort of your own home with no stress.

Now when it comes to online stores, I’m always drawn to the stores that have cool and catchy names. So I’ve narrowed down my three favourite online stores as well as my favourite purchases from there. 

Peppermayo | I was first drawn to PepperMayo through instagram, after following one of the models they used to shoot. I love their clothes as it’s a very bohemian relaxed style. My first purchase was a sunflower slit maxi dress and I remember because it was the first instagram post where my likes were over 10… If you’re not into the bohemian style, don’t be afraid to mix and match with some pieces you have in your closet and changing the style up. However I do find them to be on the expensive side. So if you ever want to splash out a little bit, check them out.. Theres nothing wrong in treating yourself. My favourite less expensive pieces from them recently are the gold shimmer maxi dress (£24.50/$42) and the powder blue low cut dress (£29.30/$50). Both pieces can be made into either casual or dressy. 

Nasty Gal | Nasty Gal was one of those websites that are advertised on Facebook and you don’t want to click on it because they’re might be a catch, like a half an hour survey. But this online store proved me wrong. I feel like they deserve the recognistion they need. Besides the catchy name follows the drop dead amazing clothes. It’s similar prices to Peppermayo, so don’t be too shocked by the prices. However, I believe it’s definitely worth the money. Especially when you want to spend wisely and not waste your money. Two of my favourite pieces are back to black with the plunging jumpsuit (£54.80/$68) and the sheer chiffon trench coat (£62.80/$78). I hold my hands up high and say I would never spend this sort of money all the time.. But, let’s keep it a secret between us and say santa brought it. Nothing wrong in a treat! 

Never Fully Dressed | Can’t lie, this is my favourite store of all time. Just a small boutique in London that sells such minimalistic pieces, which are to die for. My first purchase from them was a white jumpsuit for my graduation and haven’t looked back. As you can tell this is my go-to store as I couldn’t narrow down my favourites without stressing.. So finally picked three! First of all was the thrift inspired chiffon frock (£20/$24.80), I just love the gold polka dots, very girly and feminine. Next was the colour block wrap (£69/$85.50), the clash of colour combination of peach pink and midnight blue is a must in your closet. Quite steep in price, however keep your eye out as they always have discounts and sales. Finally I adored this cut out cream shirt (£69/$85.50) as it goes with anything and you can dress it up or dress it down. Tell your parents you need to borrow some money for an emergency matter.. Just don’t say what that matter is. 

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