Top 4 people to follow on Instagram 

We have the privaledge to take advantage of all things social media. We might say we’re slightly too addicted to whatever apps are on our phone. I know it’s the first thing I do when I wake up. Guilty here when I say I set my alarm 15 minutes before I’m suppose to get up, just so I can catch up on the world. 

My favourite app has to be Instagram. Hands down. I love scrolling through only so many photos to get inspiration for daily thoughts and tasks. Especially when you follow my four favourite creative individuals to date @millyandwolfvintage, @c_l_o, @thenativefox and @frankieandclo.

@millyandwolfvintage | There’s such a feminine nieve feel to milly and wolf. It just roars out all things sexual from a women’s mind, body and soul. Everything you inspire from the close up shots to catchy phrases that rest in your mind. I defiantly find this page an inspirational Instagram account…An account you want to yours to look like. What I love even more besides there striking vintage photography, is their website. Such unique vintage pieces that are a must! Would consider following them and check them out!! You won’t regret your girl meets grunge turn. 

@c_l_o | This Instagram was one I’ve followed from the beginning. Such so well layed out and professionally put together. It’s a styling inspo account, for you guys that don’t follow her, by Lauren Faye. Such an inspirational woman that gets to style with such creative minds. I love how it’s so minimal and how you see her thought process with her vibes for her style. She has also another account, which so happens to be another favourite of mine.. @frankieandclo. Give her a check out and follow for you fashion forward followers! 

Photo cred |@katybarkerltd @chloeledrezen @argan.benning @mariavannguyen

@frankieandclo | Following off from Chlo, she inspired herself to co-join and create another fashion inspirational page. I find this Instagram to be more focused on the outfits and the style of the outfits, which are just as inspirational. The creative direction is something I admire and one of the reasons I had to press that follow button. It’s a creative platform for so many people to learn from. If you love c_l_o Instagram page, then you will fall in love with this page. Press that button for a minimal spin on your followers page. Whilst you’re at it, check out their website which is a good read! 

Photo cred | @harleyweir @loeilofficial @lena_c_emery @the_gentlewoman  @msprouty
@thenativefox | Last but not least, one of my most recent followers. I regret not following her sooner. I love the photography on her page and how she captures her style through the images. She’s such a woman crush because of her independence and diverse offering in fashion. I don’t have much to say besides a beautifully capturing Instagram account that everyone has to follow. NOW!! Check out her stunning blog!

Don’t forget whilst you’re following these creative minds, to give me a follow for more @jordy_ellen

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