5 photographers to follow 

People thing that when they pick up a camera and take a good shot they’re automatically a good photographer, or when they can change the colour saturation to make it look natural. But that’s not the case. 

With aspiring photographers and freelancers already making their mark in the industry, when can you tell if someone is a “good photographer” and what qualifies to be a “good photographer”. Thing is, you don’t want to be just good. You want to be someone that stands out both individually and creatively. So I’ve narrowed down the photographers to follow at the moment before they explode all over our social media, with @harleyweir, @michal_pudelka, @iamjeffhahn, @danna__w and last but not least @petrafcollins

@harleyweir | I didn’t have to grow to love Harley’s work, I just loved it as soon as I came across her work in a magazine. She’s always been an inspiration for us aspirational photographers as she has her mark and stamp, that makes her work her own. Their may be split views on her work as it can be controversial, but that’s her. How she captures her stories have a beautiful reference to them. Check out her portfolio on her website

@michal_pudelka | Such glorifying artist work. I love his splashes of bold colour in the real life portrail. Represented by Katy Barker Ltd, he defiantly has his hands well on the camera. The story is so pure for us to read, it creates the image. A use of grunge feminity  rushes throughout his work. Defiantly a photographer to watch out for!! Check out his portfolio for you to fall in love, like me. 

@iamjeffhahn | There’s something so fresh and pure about Jeff Hahn’s work. How he captures stills of purity within in a human can seem easy, yet his structure to image well and have a mark on the industry for his talent. His work has been an inspiration to mine as I also like to shoot people in their natural elements. He can inspire others to just be yourself and not have this made up image. I like his use of still film and how he’s captured the colour saturation well, as it can be hard to portray well in an image. I recommend for you to look at his website

@danna__w | Raunchy feminity roars throughout her work. There’s always a girly touch in her images, may this be a huge element or small. I find her images to be inspiring, not on just a photography basis but always on other platforms as well. Her collective story is her personality and mind on paper. Check out her  website and give her a follow to be inspired. 

@petrafcollins | Last but not least, my favourite photographer all time that you guys need to get on board with and follow. A feminist approach to our thoughts today, but using a mix of old film with real women. I love her childlike feminine touch on her photographs. With her shooting so many people from a young age to now being in every fashion forward magazine you get hold of. I first came across her when I was looking for inspiration on a university project and she has off such inspiring vibes, that I looked up to her work. Give her a wonder on her website and you won’t regret it.

After taking a look and following these talented photographers, don’t forget to follow me for me @jordy_ellen

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