Kylie can pull it off, can I?

Kylie Jenner is a name everyone is familiar with. From her famous family to launching her own lip kit, she literally has the world at her feet. But one thing her followers love her for is her style. We question ourselves, can we pull off what she’s wearing? I don’t know about you, but whenever I see someone wearing an outfit I love, I go and buy it because if that person can pull it off, then I can. Right? Nah, not for me. I make the outfit look like a total fail. I know i’m not the only one in this situation…

My attempt is to help you guys pull off the famous looks without the dreaded fail, and of course the cheaper price tag.

Suede on suede | The Jenner look that got everyone online to purchase anything suede they could find. The flattering two piece is bound to bring any attention and especially when it’s a next to nothing price. The nude two piece is from Misguided. Decided to go with a slim leg high waist look as it brings out the curves more and gives you the leggy look for £25/$30.70. Pairing it with a matching crop top for £18/$22.10.


Photo Cred | Seventeen


Two piece suit | Every girl should have a two piece suit in their wardrobe. Such a classy twist to any event. I’m all for a two piece trouser suit, especially when I’m in a rush and forget to shave my legs.. Pretty Little Thing had a good selection of suits for whatever style suits you. Kylie rocked a gorgeous splatter print with a crop top to show her toned midriff. As you guys know, I love my dark colours but decided to opt for a colourful baby pink. The pastel pink against your skin tone for a night out will look famine and classy. The baby pink trouser is £25/$30.70 and the suit jacket at £35/$43.


Photo Cred | Seventeen


Stripes | Stripes is one of those print that either work or don’t, but this outfit will help you work with it. It’s usually how thick the stripes are to the direction they fall that make or break the outfit. Is it because of her Instagram famous shots that help her pull them off and not us? Hell no! Found a pair of trousers you will instantly feel the need to purchase to mimic the look.Wide leg pants help thin out the stripes against your thighs, as thats the area that is attracted to the most when it comes to patterns. ROMWE is a brand i’ve recently discovered that sell near to dear nothing of a price. Striped pants cost £20.72/$25.40. Of course, the outfit wouldn’t be complete if a cute black fringed top wasn’t paired with it, thanks to ASOS for the price of £7/$8.60.


Photo Cred | @kyliejenner 



Whenever you see something you want to buy but you don’t because “it won’t look like the girl on the image”, just remember they have the same thoughts when they look at your outfits. Everyone has a different style! You can have influences from other people and turn them into your own. Use your own style and don’t mimic others. Theres so many different directions you can take from who you’re influenced from.

Now go out there and treat yourself! You can pull of Kylie Jenner.

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