How to dress warm without looking frumpy

It’s that time of the month out of the year that we dread. It’s cold and all you want to wear is layers and layers of oversized sweaters or to just stay home with a hot chocolate. But who wants that? I speak for myself when I write this blog. You try to use any excuse in the dictionary as to why you should bail on your friends for the fifth time in a row.. All because you want to stay warm. But being warm can be on trend as well. You don’t just have to stick to the boring.

When mums say “WRAP UP WARM” or “IT’S ABOUT WARMTH NOT FASHION”, blah blah mum.. You roll your eyes and ignore her but regret it the moment you step out of the door. And you’re too stubborn to turn back to get into something warmer or else your mum will give that told you so look.

I’ve pulled together some cool pieces to warm up your wardrobe without looking like a frumpy marshmallow.

Colour | Now it’s time for us minimalist to climb out of the box. It was hard for me to stop wearing dark and dull colours, so with a splash of bold colours is bound to get you bouncing with confidence. From ASOS found a black sweater with numerous coloured stripes, perfect for us people who hate wearing colour for £25/$30.79. Pairing it with a high turtle neck to keep in the warmth. I decided to go with a sheer fabric as found it added some edge for £15/$18.47 from Missguided. Chucking a bright red duster coat over the top to bring out the colours in the sweater would work perfect for someone on the go. The detail of the clasp at the collar, open or closed would bring more of an edge to the overlayed look, on sale at Missguided for £15/$18.47.

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 15.02.18.png

Detail | Sometimes to make a detail pop in an outfit is how you pair it. Pairing a distinct item with loads of minimal pieces is a must this season, especially when it’s super cosy as well. When I went on ASOS I just had to purchase this sweater. It reminded me so much of art back at preschool when you got to mess with pom poms and sequins. Such a distinct piece for £27.50/$33.87. To make the outfit even more comfortable is a pair of high waisted wide leg trousers. Super on trend and even better, makes your legs look so much longer, for only £15/$18.47 they’re a must. Feel free to pair this look with a cream coat if you’re feeling the cold even more. I found a coat that doesn’t break the bank on sale at New Look for £25.00/$30.79. With a thick soft material, it would be hard to not purchase. Remember it’s all about the detail and texture!!

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 15.08.24.png

All one | There’s nothing wrong in wearing all of one colour. You choose the colour. Of course you know my safety is black, but pushing the boat to grey.. Shocked? I know, so am I.. So adventurous for me. All one colour is a very professional and classy look, whether you’re at work or trying to impress the person you want to work for. Grey sweater from New Look for just £14.99/$18.46. It’s all about the balloon look this sweater has, the more oversized the better i’d say! With tailored high waisted grey trousers from MANGO adds that femine look for £24.50/$30.17. Finishing it off with a maxi robe light grey coat, which comes in the tye to clinch in at the waist if you want to emphasise your waist or leave it open to make your all in one outfit pop. For £22/$27.10 from BooHoo. This will look like such a chic comfortable look that you want to go for in this glum cold days.

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 15.13.42.png

Hope this blog helped you guys add some texture and umph to your wardrobe. Feel free to check out my Instagram @jordy_ellen for more! Now you can have your hot chocolate in style, instead of pyjamas from two weeks ago..


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