Tights | How to wear them in winter

When you read the title of this blog, you were probably thinking of multiple ways to wear them already. But for me, I find tights can make or break an outfit. For us ladies, when its winter, we sometimes like to wear something other than leggings and trousers.

I don’t know if its me getting older, but when I was a teenager I seemed immune to feeling cold, so would wear super thin tights and practically anything summer related in the winter days. Crazy I know!! The older I get the more I feel the cold. I picked four outfits you could wear together with tights for this winter, to keep you warm yet on trend.

Summer meets winter | Summer is my favourite season because you can get away with wearing pretty much any style and colour. But why should we keep our summer clothes to the back of the wardrobe? I put together a boho look thats about to bring the summer clothes at the front of your wardrobe permanently. A low cut red leopard slit maxi dress is about to get you noticed anywhere, especially with the bargain price of £25/$30.40 from Pretty Little Thing. Sounds chilly just thinking of that dress by itself, so i’m wanting you to pair it with a simple white tee of your choice or long, whatever is preferred. I found a cheap white tee with a simple pocket on the front from Misguided for £10/$12.15. And because you don’t want to take the attention away from your outfit, chuck a black coat over the top. I opted for a biker leather jacket, to give it a more grunge feel. £35/$42.50 from BooHoo in sale, so get your hands on it before it’s gone! Of course, the missing ingredient is the tights, picked up a cheap pair from ASOS for £4/£4.70.


Mini | A mini is a classic piece, however when it’s freezing outside it’s the last thing you want to put on. This is when you can really thicken the tights, especially when what you wear is super simple. However, when I came across this pillar box red faux leather mini from Misguided, I just had to add it to my basket. With something this bright, it allows you to minimalise it yet make an outfit so effortless and head turning, especially for £18/$21.90. I wanted to go down the route of inspiration with Cher from Clueless, with the high neck black long sleeved shirt. Got this bargain from New Look for £7.99/$9.70. Went super thick on the tights at 200 Denier. As when it comes to wearing a mini, you’re more likely to feel the cold more. Topshop had a good range of tights for £10/$12.10. Chucking on a very simple oversized black maxi coat, also from New Look for £25/£30.30.



Patterned tights | You’ve probably cringed at the thought of patterned tights, but don’t. Don’t out rule before you’ve tried. I opted for a look that can be manipulated and versatile for this, but for an alternate if you aren’t a fan of patterned tights can be to wear patterned socks. Starting off with a simple black cami from ASOS at the price of £10/12.15, is a must in anyones wardrobe. I fell in love with this white tiger graphic flared sleeve crop, because it had an old school vibe to it. It’s different from the typical white tee crop top, for £15/$18.25 from Misguided. At the moment, i’m loving the look of shaggy faux fur coats, as they look so darn comfortable. I will literally be living in this because of how soft and warm the coat is and all down to BooHoo for £35/$42.50. I opted for a pair of lightly spotted black tights, feel free to choose your own pattern. I find for someone who isn’t into massive patterns and is wanting to keep warm, then this purchase from H&M is a must for £6.99/$8.50.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 12.59.51.png

Comfy grunge | My love for oversized sweaters seems to grow and grow. The bigger they are, the comfier they feel. And recently I noticed Misguided have outdid themselves and gotten better with their knitwear. So many different styles and varieties. When i saw the caramel cream high neck oversized sweater, I fell in love for £35/$42.50. Leather skirts are always my go-to when you want to add some edge to your outfit. I love the buckle detail as it gives it a vintage tweak to it instead of a typical black leather skirt. So this leather buckle skirt was also from misguided for £25/$35.40. And it wouldn’t be a complete outfit if an accessory wasn’t thrown into the mix. Boohoo has a cheap range that worked well with the look. Went for a black fedora hat which is a staple in most women’s wardrobes at the moment for £10/$12.15. You can get cheap tights practically anywhere, but recently I love the House Of Fraser tights as they last so long and for £8/$9.70, it was a purchase I had to invest in.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 13.12.55.png


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