Celeb Copycat | Kendall Jenner

Trying to copycat Kendall Jenner’s style can go one or two ways, make you look amazing and so much like a supermodel you should be on that catwalk or like a pigs in a blanket. Eeeew.. Don’t know about you, but I do not want to risk looking like something that you eat at christmas. So my aim is for you gorgeous people to be able to mimic Kendall Jenner’s look at 1. A reasonable price and 2. To look effortlessly stylish.

For people who have been living under a rock for the past few years, Kendall Jenner has just catapulted onto our social media and tv screens, so who doesn’t want to look like her. You can mimic her look whilst rocking it with your style.


Photo Cred | Daily Mail 

Missy Empire | The viviana blue crushed velvet tracksuit is perfect from lounging around to travelling on the go. Suited for when you want to look stylish but have that “can’t be bothered” attitude. Yeah, that’s me all over.. However sometimes, i’m feeling bloated. Especially after one to many biscuits you sneaked from the tin at work. I opted for a full tracksuit, however if you wanted that cropped look I would recommend tucking it up, personally for the cheaper price tag as well. I love this blue colour, it’s suited against any skin tone and perfect for any wardrobe. Just for £33/$40.20.

Forever 21 | This oversized patched denim jacket is a must! It gives it an extra sense of style for you, with the sewed on badges. It pushes that outfit one step further and creates depth. I like the distressed feel of the jacket as well as it compliments the velvet in the tracksuit. You can’t say no to £28/$34.10 for a jacket thats multi use. What I love is that if you feel like wearing a dressed up outfit, this will help dress it down.. And you know how much I love my versatlie pieces.

Public Desire | Emily sock stretch boot  seems to be in every girls wardrobe at the moment. Thanks to Yeezy bringing these into everyones lives, they haven’t failed to make a stand still. These aren’t everyones cup of tea, but I find this is depending on the colour and how you wear them. Trousers make the sock stretch boots have that edge thats different. Public Desire had a range of different colours, but I loved how Kendall Jenner wore them and persuaded me to try them out. For £39.99/$48.70, it’s worth it if you’re treating yourself.



Now you can rock whatever your favourite celebrity wears! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more @jordy_ellen






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