Valentines | Outfit must haves

As we’ve just arrived into February, it’s the V word I dread to hear.. Okay okay, if I had a boyfriend it would be a different story, but for 21 years now Valentines day has been the day I dread when it comes around. This time I’ve decided to not feel sorry for myself and to have a girly night out instead. Whats stopping me? The gallons of wine and multiple plates of food. I’ve pulled together some fashion forward yet comfortable outfits you can rock on valentines. You never know, you might meet your future Mr. Valentine tonight.


Trendy Trackies | With the likes of Rihanna and Kim K making trackie bottoms acceptable to wear other than in the gym, why can’t we wear them to a special event. From Misguided, I found a pair of white bottoms with a black slit up the side of the leg. Sounds very girl band music video, however with the right top it can make the outfit admirable by others. The tracksuit bottoms cost me £30/$37.50, only if you get them now you can get a sneaky discount code so it makes all the difference. I decided to pair these with a ribbed off the shoulder jumper. I found this gave it a grunge vibe to the look and with the low off the shoulder detail, it broke the outfit up for £18/$22.55. We couldn’t finish this look without some jewellery. Chuck on some simple silver earrings for £6.00/7.50 and some nice black short heels for £35/43.80, now your outfit is complete.


Pretty posey | Florals are making a back and I never thought I would see the day where I would be investing in some floral pieces. The girly style and me are like fries and ice cream, weird combination but once you try then you love it. I found this feminine grunge floral midi dress for £24.99/$31.30. The colour is great for right now, as it’s that gorgeous purple plum colour. Still keeping the warm winter vibes, but wanting summer to come sooner. Now to the fun part.. The shoes. You can go so creative with this look and I opted for something out of my comfort zone. Usually would throw on a cute pair of black pain biker boots, but this time went opposite. Whilst I was on the New Look website, I came across these metallic silver ankle boots for £39.99/£50. I liked the contrast of the plum purple of metallic silver against each other. The plus side, they’re super comfortable to wear so don’t have to worry about the sore feet.


Gorgeous Grunge | This wouldn’t be a post by me if there weren’t anything to do with the grunge trend. Guilty. I just found this look to be super laid back and comfortable, that it can be versatile for what you end up doing on valentines. A simple floral low cut wrap blouse for £22/$27.50 from good old Misguided, with a pair of their black ripped mom jeans on sale for £8.70/$10.90. Okay, now this sounds casual as the leggings and jumper you’re wearing right now. But i decided to pair this look with some black strap stilettos from ASOS for £21/$26.30. This dresses the outfit up and with a black clutch of your choice, your evening is ready for the change of dinner to drinks.


Gingham | When I heard about Gingham I automatically thought of the Gangham style song.. And i’m suppose to be in fashion. I’m all for Gingham now as it’s a monochrome check print. But sometimes this can look boring when not paired with the right thing. I couldn’t seem to get off the New Look website last night, especially when I came across this peplum shirt for £19.99/$25. Now to change it up, think of going block colours. These red wide leg trousers did the top a treat, and this is something for when you end up staying over at your valentines and you want to put on the “I just chucked something on” look. Besides, you have to wear something red on this occasion. These trousers cost me £24.99/£31.30. If you want to dress them up then repeat it with the stilettos from previous outfit, or if you want to keep it on the casual low down then some sneakers would versatile the look.


As you can tell, my plan for valentines is to devour a load of food. But for you people who have a social life, unlike me. Then I found a drop dead gorgeous look that will get your valentines blood pumping.

All In Red | This will get others blood boil when they see you in this number. This Jumpsuit is to die for, especially when you see the price tag of £19.50/$24.43. I love the depth of the plunge against the cover up of everything else. The plunge is defiantly the eye catching detail that brings this simple look together. I found some barely there heeled sandals for £25/$31.30, that just ties the whole look together. I like the idea of no jewellery with this look, just because it’s so eye catching with the simplicity of this look. However, feel free to add a simple silver necklace or a few midi rings.


Hope you guys get spoilt rotten for Valentines and have an amazing occasion. I’m off to book a date with mine. Two men called Ben and Jerry..

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