Keep it up with Kimonos

Kimonos are your best friend in Summer. They are light enough to keep the hottest days cool and the coolest days warm. Kimonos are great for adding a fun feel to your outfit. You do not have to worry about whether if it will fit in your bag or if it will ruin your outfit. And what is best about them, besides what we have already stated? They come in so many different styles, you can never get bored of them. Take a look at the high street’s best stylish, so you can keep up with the trend in Kimonos.

Vintage kimono, £40, ASOS

What usually comes to mind when you think of a Kimono? Silk.. But ASOS have me in love with the vintage approach to a classic tale. The cotton fabric, gives the Kimono a casual take and we couldn’t think of anything better.


Orange embellished kimono, £26, River Island

Feel like a princess in the embellished kimono. The rustic orange tone is great against any skintone. This kimono works wonders when adding a glamorous feel to your outfit.

River Island

Magic dance print kimono, £48, Free People

The vintage chic look is making a comeback. Pair this kimono with boyfriend jeans and a slouchy t-shirt, or opt for a summer approach of a dress and sandals. Will be right back… Just going to rage my Grandmas laundry room.

Free People

Stripe embroidered kimono, £27.99, New Look

Best thing about minimal prints and colours? They can go with anything and any colour. Stripe up your game and you are in for a winner, when you wear this kimono to any event.

New Look

Satin kimono, £69, Topshop

Who needs Tomato Ketchup when you can always have Mustard? Mustard Yellow is my favourite colour to date. Add something fun to your look with a pop of colour.


Mes Demoiselles kimono, £65.50, Net-a-Porter

The colourful gypsy motif is great for a mix of colour to your look. You have the opportunity to blend your look with the colours off the pattern.


Floral denim kimono, £29.99, MANGO

Wonder how many times we can say denim in this paragraph… The embroidered denim on denim, takes double denim to a whole new level. It gives loads of depth to a classic trend.


Jackquard kimono blouse, £15.99, Zara

We have those days where everything annoys us. The thought of the train on a full length kimono touching the back of our legs can make us scream. But kimonos come in all shapes and sizes, and we find the pretty in pink cropped kimono blouse will do us the justice we deserve. Wear both open and shut, for a versatile staple piece.


White tassel kimono, £45, Missguided

Boho queen over here! We are all for white being the new black. Drape through style like an angel in the silk tassel kimono. Add a belt for extra glam.



Don’t kick yourselves because you haven’t got a trendsetting kimono, now is your chance to keep up with the style.

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