Are we glued to a piece of metal we call a phone

As much as I love to go on about the latest trends, and everything to do with fashion. There is always a thought that pops into my mind, that isn’t associated with the creative industry – Are we glued to a piece of metal we call a phone?

I don’t know about you, but I know the first thing I am guilty of doing in the morning is check my phone. The usual – Check messages and forget to reply, check emails and click on the ones that scream SALE!!, double tap on hot celebrities (trying to avoid double tapping your crush whilst you are at it) and re tweeting a funny meme about garlic bread. Okay, maybe not that bizarre. But i am blaming it on my brain still being asleep. Who’s with me?

I envy the people that can go through half a day without looking at their phones. Think I can only just get through an hour. Now Love Island isn’t on to distract me from what is constantly at my side, what am I going to do now? My thumbs are ready to exercise.

What I am still trying to get my head around (finally using my head and not google), is how did we get so absorbed with this piece of metal we call a phone? I jumped at the opportunity of being able to take over Dawn O’Porters column, whilst she.. Well, sorts our her hashtags for her next post?

I gave myself the challenge to see if I can get through 24 long and boring hours without my phone. Did I cope? More importantly, can you cope? I lasted till 4:00pm, which is a record for me. Waking up this morning at 8:00am, I made sure my phone was on the opposite side of my room – Purely because I had an excuse to get straight out of bed, instead of snoozing my alarm 5 different times. Did my usual, made breakfast and watched some tv. Even having sky, didn’t help with the loss of what should of been a phone in my right hand. 10:00am it started to get harder. HOW AM I GOING TO DO THIS?! Shower, get ready. 12:00pm, go to your friends house for a surprise visit. Eat food as this always happens with boredom. The thought of a cheeky double gin and tonic is looking promising, but then I can’t snapchat my drunk events of the rest of the day? I could write down how my day went hour by hour, but after this my phone and I were reunited.

Your task is to see how long you can cope without your phone. Will we ever be able to go back to the old days and send letters instead of emails? Paint portraits instead of taking selfies? *Palm to face* Get into the 21st century Jordan

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Jordan Ellen x


  • Be grateful – First thing in the morning, write three things you are grateful for. You will have a happier day
  • Buy menswear – All about oversized blazers and trenchcoats. We all love a good piece from our men.
  • Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen fragrance – Get your hands of 1 of 4 or all 4 perfumes they are bringing out. We are all for the Elizabeth James collection


  • Filter? It is all about the natural lighting
  • Over line – That is so last year. Sorry Kylie!

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