Beaumont Organic | Brand to have on your radar

Been given the chance to go to a brand launch party, is on every fashionistas to do list. Drinking champagne (organic), eating yummy food (organic) and looking at beautiful clothes (organic). Do you get the hint yet? Yes, you’re right. Beaumont Organic is all in the title. A brand set up from the bottom to the sustainable success it is now and what is to come.

Starting with just 8 100% organic cotton undyed T-shirts, Hannah started in Manchester to start her dream of launching her own brand. In 2010, the business grew quicker than you can say… Well, organic. Which got them to launch their online shopping website in the UK. I could go on about all the nitty gritty details of how Hannah risen to a success, but lets get to the fun parts. The to-die-for clothes.


Dark, muted tones perfect for the minimalists.


The handmade wicker bags are worth investing in, especially with the unique shop. Screams bohemian at it’s finest.




Every girl loves a good bag. Especially a black one as it goes with practically anything. A girl has a best friend.. And sometimes one too many best friends. Putting the clothes and accessories to one side. Time to focus on the yummy part. FOOD.


Homemade food that caters us fussy eaters like me, and every other normal person eating habits. I shouldn’t of had too much organic champers as this food was gone within a wink. With it all being catered on site, it tasted even better fresh.

Prices range from Β£30 for a basic cotton tee, all the way to Β£300 for a knitted cardigan. Catering to all styles, budgets and shapes. Get your credit cards at the ready ladies!


Check out their Instagram @beaumontorganic, and whilst you’re at it look at mine for more fashion related pieces @jordy_ellenΒ xx


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