Fashion Industry Interview | What to wear

The thought of what to wear to any job interview is usually the first thing that pops into our minds, but when it comes down to an interview in the fashion industry… That is a whole new ball park. You are stuck in between looking stylish, yet creative. Quirky yet smart. Whilst our brains run riot and your tidy wardrobe ends up being  a massive pile on the floor, we have got your backs covered on this one.

Smart doesn’t mean boring 

SmartCredit: Harper’s Bazaar

When we went to school, we were always told to dress smart. To wear boring work pants and a buttoned up blouse, but where is the creativity in that? Smart doesn’t have to mean being boring and listening to those old myths. Go for a bright two piece suit, or put a twist to the classic tale and mix it up with the sport luxe style.


All black everything 

BlackCredit: Vogue

Sometimes sticking to a basic black outfit is never a wrong move. Before black took over our entire wardrobe as it looked “slimming”, every stylish street styler was seen covering themselves head to toe in the colour. It covers all worries. Smart? Check. Chic? Check. Stylish? Check check check. If you find black to be boring, add a splash of colour or layer it up to create a textured look.


Wrap it up 

Wrap it upCredit: Vogue

Whether the job you have an interview for is to be an editor or an intern, a classic wrap dress is great for the job. If you want to add your own style to the feminine tale then add a white trainer, or glam it up with a nice kitten heel.


Don’t overdo it 

Don't overdoCredit: Grazia

With the CoCo Chanel quote still standing strong in the fashion industry “Take one thing off before you leave the house” – it is a great way to think when it comes to your outfit choices. Don’t overdo it with a cocktail dress or a baseball cap and chains, as unique as they want to see your style, you also have to represent the company. When it comes to covering up, it can be boring. But add an era to remember to your look.


Block it out

Block colourCredit: The Locals

Your outfit is the first thing your possible future employer will see. So stepping up the game in a block coloured outfit can never fail. Mixing a flamingo pink with a pillar box red or a sky blue with a mint green. You will stand out of the crowd and the line up of future candidates for sure.

After all, first impressions are important.

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