Urban Outfitters X Novelist

After an event that was surely one to remember, I am thinking about how many cans of free beers I managed to gracefully chug down myself without spilling it on the clothes. Thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon for the free yet annoying bloating I have.


Of course, the thought of having something free just screams for an overpopulated venue. Am I right or am I right? As Novelist was Djing a set, I managed to take a look around the shop on the high street of Manchester and check out who UO collaborated with for this event.ย Eastlake were promoting their new cross-body Springer bag, which I am sure will be hanging off a lot of youths shoulders. Being one that is only 22 years old, I surely felt like the mum of the room (or dad with a beer belly).



The grime scene is everywhere at the moment, and a genre that a lot of artists use in their music these days. Novelist is known for some of his work on Skeptas new album and as much as I love to booty pop and slut drop on a friday night with the girls, I also like to enjoy a little acoustic guitar on a sunday in my pyjamas. But Novelist, you were certainly one that kept every entertained (considering I was wafting away everyones sweaty armpits from my face).


With the launch of EASTPAKS’s new bag, they certainly kept up with the street style trends all over fashion week. Yes, you know what I am about to say… Fanny pack. The return of the fanny pack has come to our fashionable lives and became one to now invest in. Forget the image of our mums holding all our passports in for the family holidays, it is about the must have stylish accessory. Taking a feminine chic look and turning it tomboy with a retro twist.



Check out other future events over on Fashion Network, so you can join in on the fun and future trends/brands to be aware of.

Follow me on Instagram for more @jordy_ellen. Excuse me whilst I go find my oversized sweater to hide the bulge. Will check you guys out on my next blog x



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