How to style hats for winter

Remember the days where you were forced to wear ugly knitted hat sets your nan insisted on you wearing? Only because practicality was better than looking stylish. But since when did practicality and style have to be so divided? There is such a thing as looking good and feeling good at the same time. From fashion week in Seoul all the way to Tbilisi, there was street style to get you inspired. The fashionistas showed us how to take advantage of our styles and make the most of what we can do to the accessory that is hats.

Seoul street style

Tbilisi street style

Photo credit | Vogue

And the style isn’t just in the streets. Designers such as Versace and Tosia created a Spring 18 ready-to-wear collection in which was accessorised with hats. Whether your style is a as carefree as Tosia or if you are an urban girl at heart and love to rock your gold and geometric prints like Versace, you can add a hat to any outfit you pull out of your wardrobe and it can easily tie it all together well.


Tosia SS18

Versace 18 RTW

Photo credit | Vogue

Going all the way back to the 17th century, it was there when the Beret hats became a part of a uniform. Since then, like any style, they dibble in and out until you see a fashion icon wearing one. Winnie Harlow pulled off the french influenced hat with a two piece suit, showing we can mix it up. Pair with nude colours for a chic look or rock it out in all black. Don’t be afraid to mix up with other trends. If you want to go for a look similar to Winnie, starts kick it off with a good start. Grab your hands on a similar version at Urban Outfitters.

Winnie harlow beret hat

Photo credit | In The Style

Are you daring enough to wear a baseball cap? I mean, besides out of a sweaty gym and more wearing down the high street.. No matter where you go at the moment, there is a girl wearing this staple piece with practically anything. Sport luxe is a trend that is to be said the most comfortable. No one can judge you for wearing your sweats (unless you have food stains down them). Whether you are supporting your favourite sports team or just protecting your eyes from the sun, you will be a hit in the fashion world. At Copenhagen fashion week, the baseball cap was on almost everyone; showing us the different ways in which we can work this look. Go smart casual and mix a slouchy two piece, with a plain baseball cap. Too daring? Wear an oversized trench jacket with mom jeans and a catchphrase baseball cap. I will leave it to you to create a trend.

Copenhagan street style

When I hear of the accessory Bucket Hat all that comes to my mind is 17 year olds, smoking weed and raving to music that sounds like.. Not music. It wasn’t until looking at Shanghai fashion week, that wearing a bucket hat can just be as stylish as wearing the next newest trend. Selecting a statement all over block colour, is a way forward; a different approach to the accessory. Go bold and bright, don’t hide behind the dark colours of black and grey.

Bucket hat

Photo credit | Vogue

One thing you have to consider when it comes to wearing a hat is.. Does it suit my face shape? The amount of times I go to try a ‘hat of the season’ on and end up looking like a potato face (not a good look). One hat that suits a lot of face shapes is a simple fedora hat; a hat that bohemians and rock stars can wear at the same time. Fedoras came about from as early as 1891, allowing the style of the hat to not go out of trend. Taking a backseat this season with the rise of the other style of hats, time to bring it back. Wear with a maxi dress to bring out the inner hippy or customise the hat yourself, so the minimal outfit you’re use to wearing now has some depth. Tip? Just don’t over do it with the gems…

Fedora hat street styel


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