Once you go bright, you don’t go back

Are you an “I wear color only in the summer” or “I don’t wear anything other than black” sort of person? Despite the temptation to want to drown yourself in colourless clothes, there is a habit we need to get out of. I know the feeling…you don’t want to walk around looking like a packet of Starburst, but with the want of summer to come round quicker, we may as well get in the brighter mood. Brighter colours are a trend to watch out for and narrowing down to only the best of the best bright pieces for you, will get you to realise you can splash out on a brighter colour to make your style pop more.



Stripe tuck top, £36, Topshop


Tassel earrings, £12.99, Mango


Suede mini backpack, £30, ASOS


Ribbed mock dress, £25, Urban Outfitters


Cashmere jumper, £79.99, H&M

River Island

Green boucle coat, £85, River Island

Free People

Boot crop, £78, Free People

Public Desire

Metal ring ankle boots, £39.99, Public Desire

And we all know the whole “New year, Near me” is a whole load of crap, so how about a “New year, New wardrobe”? Sounds more realistic.. Follow me on Instagram @jordy_ellen for more xx

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