Jumpers speak louder than words

It is that time of year where you don’t know what stunt the weather is going to pull. Will it rain or shine? WHO KNOWS?! One thing I know and can reassure you on, is jumpers are key for this sort of back and forth polava. Forget the oversized mens jumper you bought 5 years ago, or the jumper your nan knitted you with the itchy yarn… It is all about the slogan jumpers. Last year we saw the likes of designers promoting world matters into their basic white tees and models strutting the high street in quotes they never said out loud on vests. But with one of my number one guilty fashion pleasures that is the jumper, we can let the words do the talking, whilst we do the walking. Putting together only the best of the best slogan jumpers, you can get your hands on from the high street.

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Say it louder and prouder by how you wear it! What slogan would you have on your sweatshirts? Follow me on Instagram @jordy_ellen for more x

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