Can you look good in an anorak? Erm, YES!

It is time to put our leather jackets to the back of our wardrobes, as according to Vogue Anoraks are the new leather jacket. And with the weather at the moment, we can never predict what the day will be like. Come rain or snow (or if we are lucky, then sun), we need to be fashionably prepared. Despite how many times our mum would tell us to ‘wrap up warm’ or ‘it is best to be comfortable, not fashionable’ bla bla bla.. IT IS ABOUT FASHION MUM!

Street style 2

Of course, when an anorak comes to mind, i use to see it as a flimsy bright yellow thing that you got folded up and given to at the water rides at Alton Towers. But putting that myth in the past, the high street have given us a helping hand into being practical and fashionable. Valentino, Gucci and Balenciaga had us crying with envy as we couldn’t afford the stunning Burberry semi-transparent anorak. But we know our bank and even overdraft couldn’t cover, at a wedge of £995. However, our mums would be so proud. Get your hands on some of the anorak pieces, from the classic to the unusual.

Burberry anorak

The athleisure trend has gotten us to fall in love with all things practical, without having to walk around wearing layers of hand-me-down sweaters from your brother. SS18 has made the anorak one of the coolest garments of Spring so far. 

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