Orange is the new black

We all need a dose of Vitamin C… Whether we get it from our citrus fruits or choose to have it from our pumpkin spice inspired clothes. Of course, we prefer to get it from our the two doors we call our wardrobes. Whilst we let the food bloggers talk about the vitamins that go into our body, I want to talk about the orange hues we wear on our body. Fenty Puma, Jeremy Scott and Tom Ford were to name a few designers to have the orange colour palette seep through their SS18 collections, from bloody to pastel. Let’s start to mourn the colour black and bring to life the energetic colour of them all, orange. 

Jeremy Scott

Despite the thought of pumpkin spice reminding us of the festive drink at Starbucks, we are about to start letting it remind us of some of fashions SS18 collections. Rihanna’s athleisure inspired style has got her collections roaring with a pop of colour with head to the talked about head to toe colour. Tom Ford showcased a safety orange drenched tracksuit that will look great in all of our wardrobes..

Fenty Puma

Towards the end of 2017, we saw pops of orange peer into some styles. But it was never thought about becoming a trend itself. I love the fact trends are getting brighter, despite having to reinvent my wardrobe full of black. But we can all deal with a little change.. Can’t we? Of course, how can we go from minimal classics to all of a sudden a colour as bright as our cocktails on Saturday night? Working the colour orange into our wardrobes doesn’t mean we have to transform so fast. Try brining in subtle hints of the colour and gradually get bolder the more your outfit confidence grows. The best thing about orange is it works well with neutrals. Think creams, greys, whites and also navy blue. 


Check out the shopping links below for the high street orange picks. 

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Black is SO last season and there is no complaining about this sort of Vitamin C in our lives.. 

Let me know how you feel about Orange and if you will be wearing the bold colour this season. Follow me on Instagram @jordy_ellen for more xx

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