Until next year LFW…

As I get the people packed train back Manchester, I check over all the Insta hype of the most talked about shows to the best street style. Of course, I can’t sit here and lie and say it was one of the most boring weeks.. It wasn’t. From flower walls at the Mulberry show to glasses of prosecco being poured at the Wonderland X MTV party.

Where do I start the fashion packed week? It was my first fashion week where I got personally invited, as well as being able to mesmerize the collections. I’ve had my fair share of fashion shows in the past, but that was all the behind the scenes and sweating in places you didn’t think we’re possible as you helped change the leggy models. My favorite shows would of had to be Phoebe English, Mulberry and Nicopanda.


Despite wanting to rant on about the day by day of every girls dreams week, I wanted to talk to you about how to get invited to the fashion shows?! I’d love to say it was as easy as showing up, or paying for a ticket.. But it is all about your connections. Whether you are working for a company, a freelancer or a blogger, when the envelope arrives with the passes in.. You know you’ve made it. Try emailing brands, PR companies, people who run the guest list and write a statement in which they won’t be able to say no to.

I thought running from show to show would be the most stressful part of the week, but it was the outfit planning that got me. Leaving things to last minute and not even trying anything on beforehand, I had to go with my instincts on this one. From picking my marshmallow pink jumper and hole imprinted jeans to an all white classic look, I had to make sure I was ready for a street style snapshot (just in case). I loved seeing the range of different styles, but one style that stood out from them all was the return of the ugly trainers. Influencers were pairing the bizarre trend with two piece suits to dresses.. But is it bad that I want to get them out from the back of my wardrobe and start wearing them as well?


As I walked towards the Mulberry show, I was greeted to a wall that screamed femininity with a a feature of flower bouquets. Of course, the show was as great as expected. Mixing the wackiest colors and making them stylish, it will get me to venture out of the color black.. (BLACK IS A COLOUR!!) But their to-die-for bags were ones that will be on my wish list. Phoebe English started off the fashion week for me with an exhibition that I would happily live over again with pieces that make versatile interesting. The monochrome colours of black, white and grey, proved to us we don’t have to be bright to make a difference to the streets. The three S’s – silhouette, simple and stylish – described the collection well. Of course, Nicopanda at the Topshop Show Space, got the rest of the high street talking with the most dated pieces that despite being bold and sassy, were ones we could each wear and add our own style to. Nicopanda has always been a classic favorite of mine and still lingers that way.





But what did I learn from the show packed week? 1. Always carry a charger with you (I learnt this one the hard way). 2. As much as this week you want to dress 13/10 and wear your favourite wardrobe pieces, make sure you wear something practical, if not.. Pack plasters. My feet are still recovering today. 3. Mingle! Don’t be afraid to walk up to someone and make a conversation. You’ve gotten the chance to be in a room full of all of these creative people in the fashion industry, so don’t let this experience slide away. 4. Have fun! If someone invites you to an after party, then go to it! You don’t know whose path you are going to cross when you’re there.
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