Transform to transparency | Transparent accessories

We can no longer have a Mary Poppins bag. A bag where we have receipts from two years ago, old mints and a handful of pennies.

Our spring cleaning days are about to go from our wardrobe to our handbags as our accessories are turning transparent. Yes, you read that right. All over fashion month, we saw multiple fashion influencers pairing their outfits with transparent bags. And I will tell you this much… I won’t be going through my bag. The thought of what is lurking at the bottom of my favourite black leather bag gives me the shivers ha! And I know i’m not the only person in this situation… 

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 18.46.52

And why should we invest in this statement piece? Well derr, if Negin Mirsalehi and Aimee Song are seen wearing then. That we kind of have to. Fashion influencers aside, it is a trend that has took me by surprised. Why would you want to show off whats in your bag? It means taking more time out of the morning to make sure you have your best purse on show. Does this mean I won’t invest in the bag? Course not. I like when you can wear a minimal outfit, but add a statement bag to transform the look. Is this the modern version of a glass slipper or will we see more of the barely there trend?

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 18.47.03

Chanel and Valentino dolled up their runway collections with the talked about accessory of the moment and inspired our accessory collection even more. But this isn’t just about the transparent bag. Transparency has turned to belts, jewellery and even hats. I remember when I was at college and created a transparent shoe. I like to call myself a trend predictor, but I know as much as the grader it didn’t look as good as Chanel. 


Despite us wishing we could walk into Chanel and get ourselves one of these bags, our bank balance would’t agree. Excuse me, where can I sign up for a platinum credit card? To help solve this for you beauties, I have put together some of the sassiest and stylist transparent accessories we can get our hands on without breaking the bank.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Let me know what you think about this trend and if you have invested in any transparent accessories recently! Follow me on Instagram @jordy_ellen for more xx





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